Brad Belote, Tri-Cities chapter

532544_10152935072320068_1074032386_nName: Brad Belote

Chapter: Tri-Cities

Current position: Corporate Communications, Eastman (also group fitness instructor, HealthFitness and The Great Body Company)

How long in current position: Four-plus years

First PR job: This is it.

Where you attended college: University of Missouri

If you weren’t doing PR, you’d be……back in a newsroom where I cut my teeth and found my passion.

Proudest professional accomplishment: I’ve done some cool things and worked with some amazing people.

What is your passion? My family is at the center of everything I do. My fitness journey has unleashed a lot of passion about the synergy of rhythm, lyric and movement.

Why you are a PRSA member? I still consider myself a novice in this field. PRSA has exposed me to some extraordinary people and ideas and expanded my network in great ways.

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Stephen Loudermilk, Georgia chapter

steveName: Stephen Loudermilk

Chapter: Georgia

Current position: Managing Partner, PR Plus International

How long in current position: More than a year

First PR job: Leading internal and external communications for Lucent Technologies, the former systems and technology division of AT&T. I was charged with the responsible of promoting company news as well as new products, solutions and technology, including the latest enterprise telecommunications systems.

Where you attended college: Boston University, School of Communications

If you weren’t doing PR, you’d be……a mega real estate agent selling houses or commercial properties for a living. It’s a natural extension of PR because to be successful you have to understand how to brand, market and communicate the value of your property well. And just like PR, it’s a business built on people and developing relationships which is something I’ve always loved.

Proudest professional accomplishment: Working on the largest telecommunications merger in history between Lucent and Alcatel. For more than a year, I led a team of professionals developing all the internal and external communications and marketing materials for the merger. What resulted was the No. 2 largest telecommunications company in history.

What is your passion? Brand building, writing, networking. I feel all three skill sets have made me successful in the PR/marketing industry at large.

Why you are a PRSA member? Because I have been able to leverage PRSA for professional development, networking and giving back to the community. As part of PRSA’s mission and charter, I serve as a leader at the national, district and local level, and also mentor and coach many young professionals getting into the PR industry.

Each week, the PRSA Southeast District highlights one of its 2,700 members. To join PRSA, visit