2013 Holds Endless Possibilities for PR Pros

The Mayans were wrong and we are still here.  Hooray!


Mitch Edwards, APR
2013 PRSA SE Chair

That means another year of making New Year’s resolutions. Boo!!

However, without having that pesky “end of the world” prophecy hanging over our heads (for now), we have a fresh start in 2013.

As PR professionals, we are now free to capitalize on the many opportunities that may be presented to us.

So where to begin?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Be true to yourself…since no one else will be as honest with you as you.
  • Follow your gut instincts…but do some research to be sure.
  • Work hard…and remember to make time for other things important in your life.
  • Do the work no one else wants to do…it will help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Measure it…after all, plans without goals are just dreams.

Moving Forward

We have a fantastic board of directors this year, who are dedicated to helping achieve the two goals I’ve set for us in 2013:

1. Engage PRSA Southeast District members through effective programming, communication, and involvement.

2. Strengthen PRSA Southeast District by increasing our collective “voice” at the national level.

All of us on the Southeast District board look forward to serving our membership in 2013 and to helping achieve our goals for your District.

Throughout this coming year, we’ll be working to provide exceptional value for your District membership and want you to contact us with any ideas that you might have to keep us on track.

Mitch Edwards, APR
2013 PRSA Southeast District Chair