From the Chair

Save the Date! The 2nd Annual Southeast District Leadership Rally is set for Friday, November 4 at the Southeast Conference (SEC) headquarters in Birmingham, AL. For all you SEC fans, this should be an exciting place to go. I’m sure Charles Bloom of the SEC will load you up with some freebies. We are fortunate there is a hotel right next door and I hope to be getting some deals for our group. Please be sure to pass along now to your current board members the date and get them pumped up about going. We hope that you will also have your 2012 officers selected by then so they can get some great ideas from their counterparts in other chapters.

I’ve been receiving some great feedback on the Affinity Calls. We are glad we can provide this service to you as a benefit to you and your chapter. The March 28 call at 3 p.m. ET should be great with APR as the topic. District Chair-elect Chuck Norman, APR will be facilitating that. April 25 is diversity, May 23 is programming and June 27 is websites. If you have a topic you would like to hear, please email me with ideas. The call number is (218) 844-0850, 570772#.

A new feature we added this year is chapter liaisons. One of the five officers is assigned to several chapters.

  1. Alabama-Melanie Davis
  2. Charlotte-Jennifer Darwin
  3. Georgia-Joe Trahan
  4. Lookout-Melanie Davis
  5. Memphis-Melanie Davis
  6. Nashville-Bonnie Riechert
  7. North Carolina-Chuck Norman
  8. South Carolina-Joe Trahan
  9. Tar Heel-Jennifer Darwin
  10. Tri-Cities-Chuck Norman
  11. Volunteer-Bonnie Riechert

Their job is to stay in touch with you every quarter and visit one of your board meetings preferably in the second quarter. With our monthly calls, unfortunately, we don’t have the time to delve more into the inner workings of your chapter and discuss possible issues and solutions. Having that one on one conversation gives you both more time and builds better relationships. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the presidents of my areas (Kristiina, Vickye and Brandon) better. As a former president of Alabama, I really take pleasure in discussing chapter activities. As we all know, chapters are the heart of our organization. We want to make your chapters even stronger. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us at any time. Remember, we’re here to help, give an outside perspective and be a shoulder to lean on when times get tough.

As always, thank you for the leadership role you have taken on to serve for your chapter. We appreciate all that you do.

Melanie Davis
District Chair