April 2015

Recharge, refresh, reboot at Spring Conference!

Public Relations is a demanding profession, and all practitioners need to recharge their batteries to keep in top form. The Southeast District’s June Conference is just the tuneup we all need.

Make plans to attend the June 3-5 session in Greenville, South Carolina, and join colleagues who face similar challenges and speak your language. You’ll hear new ideas, learn new techniques and discover new resources  – lots to bring home and put to use in the months ahead.

Speakers include former correspondent and current USC communications dean Charles Bierbauer, documentary filmmaker Poppy Dixon, content marketer Andrew Davis, and Kathy Barbour, incoming chair of PRSA. A panel of chief marketing officers will address “What Clients Want.” See www.prsasoutheast.org/districtconference for  conference details and logistics and register before May 15 to take advantage of the $299 rate.

 Scholarship winner named

Michelle Earl, of the Tri-Cities Chapter, has been awarded the first Mitch Edwards Scholarship to the June Leadership Conference in Greenville, SC. The scholarship, named in honor of the former president of the Alabama Chapter and the SE District, covers the  conference registration fee.

A 19-year member of PRSA, Michelle first joined while a student at East Tennessee State University, where she made the connections that led to life-long friendships and a career in her chosen field. Michelle will become president of the Tri-Cities Chapter in 2016. She works as Communications Manager, Bristol District, for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

2015 Leadership Rally set for October 29-30 in Knoxville

Chapter leaders and those who aspire to leadership positions are invited to the Southeast District’s annual Leadership Rally, set for October 29-30 in Knoxville, TN.

As in the past, we’ll host a get-acquainted event on the first evening of the Thursday-Friday meeting and devote the next day to a full schedule of sessions. Rally headquarters will be the Holiday Inn Downtown. Stay tuned for updates on topics and speakers.

Effective Leadership is focus of April 27 Best Practices call

What kind of leader are you? What kind of leader do you want to be? Whether it’s volunteers or staff – or both – that you must lead, learn how to be effective!

Amy Coward, APR, Fellow PRSA, and Chair of the SE District Board, has led staff and volunteers for 20+ years. She will share principles of leadership that she’s learned over the years and invite discussion of this important topic.

Date & Time: Monday, April 27; 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central

Call-in number: 559-726-1300

Participant Code: 699479#

BP Call recordings are accessible for one month

Did you know that retired chapter members may be eligible for reduced membership dues of $50 per year? March’s Best Practices call on Re-Engaging Senior Practitioners reviewed some great ideas and information. Call 559-726-1399, code 699479# to hear a recording of the 50-minute session, which will available until the April 27 call.

PRSA Membership Dues 

Here’s the current PRSA membership dues “rate card.” Are all chapter members aware of these options?

Category Description Fees Annual Cost
Associate Member AMPG: Former PRSSA member, recent (within two years) college graduate. Learn more $60 annual dues $60
AMGS: Full time graduate student working towards a PR degree. Learn more $60 annual dues $60
AM1: Professional working in PR (or a related practice) for less than a year. Learn more $115 annual dues $115
AM2: Professional working in PR (or a related practice)  between one and two years. Learn more. $155 annual dues $155
Member M: Professional working in PR (or a related practice) for over two years. $255 annual dues + $65 initiation fee $320
Retired Member Must have been a member in good standing for at least five years and be currently employed less than 50% of the time. Contact memberservices@prsa.org $50 annual dues $50
Reinstating Member Former members reinstating their membership $265 annual dues +one-time $35 reinstatement  fee $300
Group Membership Benefits and discounts on first-year dues for organizations with five or more members interested in joining. Contact groupmembership@prsa.org